Benefits of Membership

Why should you be an EICPA member? Join EICPA and be recognised, represented and get access to our technical and professional development resources as well as networks with diverse stakeholders.

  1. Instant Professional Recognition & Credibility

Capitalise on EICPA’s strong brand equity from our active participation in the local and global accounting scene.

Full EICPA members are accorded the designations ECPA, CEGA, CEGIA, CEGSA and CEGFM which you can use after your names on CVs and name cards. This provides instant recognition and added credibility which will boost your career prospects, whether you are practicing in UAE or globally.

  1. Voice of the Profession

You are in good company as one of our members, making us the largest professional body in the Middle East. It represents a strong voice for accountancy with the resources and expertise to advocate the views and ideas of the profession as well as advance the interests of members like you.

  1. Professional Resources and Development

Find support for your professional development through comprehensive resources, such as

  • Guidance on professional & practice issues
  • Knowledge Centres – Auditing & Assurance, Financial Reporting, Ethics
  • We value members’ feedback so that we can craft articles directly related to your work and business. Beyond updates and insights, you can also find guidance on how accounting professionals can apply these updates to your client projects and within your organizations.